Do You Smell Like Fish?

Posted onMay 14, 2013 | by: Grant Blankenship | 0 comments

In Mark 1, we see an amazing story about Jesus calling the first disciples. He said, "Follow me and I will make you to become fishers of men". A similar account is found in Luke 5 where Jesus shows the disciples what He means when He asks Simon (Peter) if He can use his boat to teach from. Then Jesus takes them out into the Sea of Galilee to provide an example for them. He tells them to throw their nets over. Simon says, "Lord, we have fished here all night and caught nothing." But their nets become so full they begin to break and they have to call James and his brother John over to help....Keep Reading

The Gospel is not, "Come Try My Church"

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Picture yourself talking with an acquaintance. This person is not a close friend or someone you know intimately. But you do know them. We all have these kinds of people in our lives. Coworkers, people at the gym, parents at our kid's school, neighbors. The kind of people where conversation usually stays pretty light....Keep Reading

Heaven Rent

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First, as a brief introduction, let me explain my basic intention for this blog. My intention over the coming weeks, months, years, would normally be to take a piece of the sermon from Sunday and either to look at it from a different perspective or to look at it in more depth. I hope this would allow me to better explain some of those things that fall on the cutting room floor, as it were, that don't make it into the sermon for one reason or another....Keep Reading

What is the Gospel?

Posted onApril 9, 2013 | by: Rob Adelman | 0 comments

The gospel translated simply means "good news." It is the central message that the Christian faith proclaims and according to 1 Corinthians 15:3 is "of first importance." The great reformer Martin Luther wrote of it that "the gospel cannot be preached and heard enough, for it cannot be grasped well enough...Moreover, our greatest task is to keep you faithful to this article and bequeath this treasure to you when we die."...Keep Reading