Kim Capel Bio

My name is Kim Capel. I am an elder here at Cedar Springs Church. I married the love of my life Tonia in 1985 and we have had the time of our lives together! We have 2 grown children, Jeremy and Andrea. Each have a beautiful family and they have blessed us with 4 wonderful grandchildren.

Both Tonia and I were born and raised and Southern Illinois. There we had our children and they grew up in the small town where we were married. Our son and his family now reside in Florida, and our daughter and her family reside here in Edgewood, New Mexico.

I recently retired from the Chief of Pharmacy position at the Marion V.A. Medical Center and Tonia retired from her R.N. position in Risk Management from the same hospital. We joined the East Mountain community in 2019 and love it here!

I was saved at 10 years of age when I distinctly had my heart awaked to the fact that YES!, Christ died for me that I might have eternal life. The difficulty came later in my years as I somehow began to equate salvation with a work or works that I must endure in order to retain and not disappoint Christ in my life and lifestyle. Basically I fell into a works/retention salvation. One night at church after the service had ended I found my soul exhausted from “the Lord’s work” (basically me trying to earn/retain my salvation) and convicted by the Holy Spirit that I had substituted works over the free gift and Christ’s completed work of salvation. I was literally driven to my knees by His presence and heard the Spirit say deep within my soul “Salvation is not about your works; It’s about the complete and final work of Christ!” I am unable to express to you the relief I felt after the Holy Spirit’s pursuit of me, and finally realizing I had nothing to do with my Salvation. The Holy Spirit pursued and corrected me in my Salvation experience. Confirmation of my salvation was graciously given to me that night.

Our life journey continues here at Cedar Springs Church as we study God’s Word and serve Him with joy! Come join us as we desire and serve God together!